Total "Thwump", Dude!

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Author CaptZeroth
Tags author:captzeroth bitesized incomplete rated tileset
Created 2006-05-04
Last Modified 2008-01-25
by 18 people.
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Description It a new adjective! Its thwumin'! How many time have you found a lack of adjectives in a "verbal volley" (hehe, alliteration)? Left with the ol' "Yo' mama!" comeback? Fear no more fellow N users! Your mother will be safe with the new afjective on the block: Thwump!

"Hello there, Allen!"
"Hello there, James!"
"How is your mother, Allen?"
"My mother is good. Thankyou for thinking of her."
"Okay. She was very tired out after last night with me."

Now, Allen before you speak, think. Should you reply with the old fassoned "Yo' mama!" or the new, hip "Thwump it!"?

"Thwump this, fool!"

Thats right, Allen. Now while he is in shock, give him a hefty blow to the crotch, further preventing him to tire out you mother.

... (:O

Yeah, its a free tileset. I seem to be spewing these out like vomit. So, if you wish, you may use my vomit for your own uses. Just cite my vomit and credit me for giving you such a prize! Try not to change my vomit too much, though. Thank you.

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Incredible tileset

*Phew* 5aved

made a map

good tileset.

I'm no good at demos, so can someone make one?

thanx for the laugh

that was nice with the thwump. the made laugh while i wasnt in a laughin mood i'm given a 5.5 just becase that. but the map is cool. i didnt try it

here's one which i hope is not total crap.

I made a while ago:

I made a map!

. . . .


I enjoyed your commentary. Hilarious. 5/5 for the map, too.
thanks a again...

Made a map

Here it is. You get a 4.5/5 because of the durability of this tileset: