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Author Boa
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Created 2008-01-07
by 18 people.
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This map was featured on 2011-08-30

Dalto was one of the first maps that I ever played on NUMA, and lord, I knew I was onto something. It's one of those maps that leaves a truly distinct memory, and subtly influences your style forever, all while maintaining a great standard of gameplay as you play it. It's swanky, and has the feeling of a fine jazz song.

Aesthetically, it's as fresh as it was in 2008, and the objects are placed in such an effective and omnipresent manner that this map is, for me at least, immortal.
Enjoy. — squibbles


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I think brutally criticized is a pretty big overstatement. :P

Better than a lot of maps I see today.

Welcome to NUMA

We bitch about grammar in features rather than talk about the map
I would not have believed it. I love the start when you shoot perfectly through both the gaps when that happens.

This map

Is rubbish.
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I love how

Squibbles is brutaly criticized when uses one wrong word. Unless the enemies can spread trough the map (which seems as it has a nice range of offence) you're doing it right. Macs have a dictionery by clicking the middle of a mouse :D

I was taking "omnipresent" to be somewhat hyperbolic. I knew the enemies weren't everywhere, but they were so well placed that they might as well have been.

oh. fuck me

I meant all seeing. The perils of no sleep. :/

well heh

omniscient makes even less sense. you can argue omnipresence by the 2nd meaning:
2. Widely or constantly encountered; common or widespread: "the omnipresent threat of natural disasters" which you could make a case for on this map.

Omniscience however implies that the enemies are all knowing beings; which, to my knowledge at least, is completely absurd! ;)


So, I totally meant 'omniscient'.

But let's go with it meaning the enemies in general are themselves ubiquitous. That works too.
you could use omnipresent in that way after all as there are two meanings...


you do realise what 'omnipresent' means don't you O_o how are the objects omnipresent? Do you mean that they are a perpetual threat? An omnipresent object means it exists everywhere, which in this case is impossible.
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i like this

really flowy and fun. 4/5

oh, wahahahahaha

I didn't even realise that this was a first map. I can't believe that. I've done two firsts now. :S

Love the tileset

And the map as a whole is quite good. My biggest gripe is that some things are unnecessarily fiddly, like the drones when getting over the hump, the rocket following the player into the gauss trench, and the squeeze out of the central area. But all in all, it's a nice map, and it's amazing for a first. 4/5

Fast AGD:
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Who is this guy?

I like it. 4

Slow AGD

I didn't really like the first zap drone and the squeeze. It is not bad though.
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AGD -2

i dont like it. its the gausses on quite little room.
i hate gausses. i really do
i personally like the empty space. but in my opinion its kinda useless.
mah well.
*giving it a 3,5*
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I love it.



I agree with Josh, this map is near flawless, if you created more in the empty space you would have AGDs in 2k - 3k frames which would just be annoying.

Perfect length, perfect dificulty, perfect flow.

I <3 this map the way it is.

I don't

think it needs changing, the empty space is nice.


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