50 Episodes of 210

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Author moshpit2010
Tags 210 50th author:moshpit2010 bitesized cavern difficult gauss jumpy mosh rated release sidestreet
Created 2007-12-04
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description Simultaneously released with the 50th episode of my webcomic on the Metanet Forums, Sidestreet 210 (viewable HERE: ).

Comments? Critique? Random babble? It's all good.

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Nice map

Once I get on a PC that can handle running N, I shall play this.



Holy crap, Turtles.

And WHO says turtles aren't fast?! Nice run - you beat my best playtesting run by a full 30 frames.


Demo Data

tiny bit...

Demo Data

a bit faster

Demo Data

Nice improvement.

Great stuff there.

MUCH faster

I almost had a 580 demo...
Demo Data

Nice demo, Turtles.
you were 7 past the 110000 mark.

(nice map)


Demo Data