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Author moshpit2010
Tags author:moshpit2010 difficult hard mosh unrated
Created 2007-11-10
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Description So soft the petals, and so pure the stem.
Shames me to see such quick death of them.

Comments appreciated.


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-Rockets became too cluttery in such a claustrophobic space.
-Chainguns became too random, taking away the jumper aspect of it, replacing it with a "run and jump and run some more" type of gameplay.
-All others: They either slowed down gameplay or sped it up too much. Two Gauss Turrets enabled the equilibrium of gameplay to settle.

Thanks for the fave, nonetheless!

I like

it with chainguns too.

Any way

for the original

I replaced

the snipers with rockets and it a million times more fun.
Try it!
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