Acid Washed

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Author moshpit2010
Tags action author:moshpit2010 difficult hard jumper mosh unrated
Created 2007-10-23
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Acid washed jeans. Lots of them. I'm going to need LOTS of them. What else do you think an Arc is made of?! I'll need two of every type of animal, too... Yes... World domination is within our reach.
Come, Pedro. We must ready the sterilization devices.

Comments would be most appreciated. ^_^


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Thanks, mates.

That means a lot; the both of you. =)


awesome enemy placement

Cheers, dude!

haven't seen one of your maps in a while, and you certainly don't disappoint with this one. Brilliant enemy placement, that gauss was a real pain (but in the good way, of course). Love the simplicity, its almost, dare I say, elegant? I shall not rest 'til I've beaten it, hehe. 4.5aved