On route 666

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Author Clifty
Tags 6 author:clifty bitesized dda featured kradda multidirection rated
Created 2007-11-03
Last Modified 2008-03-09
by 377 people.
Map Data

Ok. This is a KRADDA, with six paths. That’s right, you can hold any one of the following, and still win: Nothing, Left, Right, Jump, Jump + left, Jump + right. Each path is at least 1000 frames long, making for a massive six thousand frames total :o . Just make sure you are holding on to the key from the very start.
This is dedicated to all my friends on NUMA/forums. I was originally going to list their names here, but the list was pretty big, so yeah. You guys know who you are. <3
The DDA has taken me a year to make, so you’d better enjoy it. :P This was especially annoying to make, because when I was nearly finished, after adding in a single trap door or something, I had to check all the other paths. Verrrrrrry boring.
And... that’s about it. Enjoy.

Oh wait, did I mention there's going to be a sequel? :OOO
Aaaaand.. the sequel is out!
Link to Part 2: Six feet under:

This map was featured on 2011-09-15

Personally, I think the meaning to life is to do nothing. With this map, Clifty's managed to do nothing in the coolest ways possible. The crazy paths twist and turn, stop and go, and ZOOM in every direction! This superbly thought out map lets you hold not one, but any key you wish while playing! Numerous close calls await within the jungle of items Clifty has derisively named "On route 666". With 355 ratings, a solid 5 score, and a bitesize, how can it NOT be good?! — artistolipto

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This is pretty good. 5.

Great idea, next review afternoon dragon step 4! Now /that/ map needs more attention.

Clifty can you explain to me what frames are for and what they are?
It is better then I remembered.


All hail the DDA god.

Oh I don't mind.

He should have credited me, but I don't really care, it's not a huge deal.

Stolen in Youtube.
6 comments below.

i have finished my 6 path kradda based on this, after about 1 year. it is my 100th map.
i know you are busy saving the world etc but could you please comment?
many thanks. =D
DDA: 1017f
Right: 1010f
Left: 1031f
Jump: 1042f
Jump+Right: 1141f
Jump+Left: 1016f
Utterly awesome. 5


Amazing. :D
this is amazing

suprisingly, the least entertaining is the first, the literal don't do anything

i love the swirls at the end the rocket makes on the hold left one

very frickin good


the rating is 333

333 backwards is 666


it was more fun
lol joking

mind if i base a map on this?
Demo Data

holding 'K'

doesn't work... *sniff*



read description:

The DDA has taken me a year to make, so you’d better enjoy it.
i wonder how many years this took him??

Best ever



This DDA's still as fresh as it was last year.

6257 frames!

5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5
congrats on this amaziNg map

I give it a 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419,
Which for you non-geeks is pi.
Which in my opinion is better than five, but a five works.


didnt read description


unused stuff. cool

very good

Demo Data
cliftaciously cliftacious cliftacion!!! there...three new words only in reference to the new creator of the DDA universe! I bow to the Cliftacious one. 5555555555555/5aved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not

everyone has already seen this map. No reason to feature it, even though it is awesome.

I'm surprised someone hasn't featured this already.

Some Kind of Asian

No, sorry, EVERY kind of Asian! 6/5 lol
it does not work.
Dagga corp. Presents.... JUMP RIGHT

P.S. I used FbF to get the jump perfect. :)
Demo Data

well done

Awesome map. 5/5






Thats just totally wicked! how the heck do you make a map like this??!?!?!?


Fantastic map, but if I press right I die...Why?

Oh yeah,

when I said you were my hero, I meant that your my N hero ;)

check it

look up crazy flys levels i would appreciate it
666 woooooooooooo