The Pirate Ship

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Author Mr_Mongoose
Tags adventure author:mr_mongoose comment explore featured help ideas incomplete lame need pirate ship suggestions temporary test unrated
Created 2007-10-30
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Description Suggestions, anyone? Please?

This map was featured on 2009-04-24

This pirate ship has an unusual hold. It also seems to possess futuristic technology. Teleportation chambers, or just secret passages? I suppose you'll need to ready your minion ninja to investigate, eh? Be sure to equip him with adequate reserves, because these pirates don't like gold bullion much. Then again, this place seems pretty empty, so maybe they just left to bury it. But the only way to know for sure is to explore quite throughly! So have at it! — gloomp

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I can safely guess that it is an unfinished map.
The one part I liked was the drone room.
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at best..


seem like a pirate ship at all. Gameply is nice when it's there. It's too empty in places and Feels unfinished.
It's always been a ninja/pirate/Chuck Norris thing.
Then the Explorer feeling went.


It didn't do much for me.

The only well constructed part was the first jump.


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And I really like it. There is one major and quite big problem, it has almost no replayability. I would have also liked some gold.
The first area was amazing. After that it was kind of boring. The way that teleporters and keys were hidden behind doors, while not innovative, would have made for a fun multi-route map.


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Cowboys are better!
And where did vikings come from? its always been a ninja/pirate/cowboy thing...


are way cooler than ninjas


I'd give this a 2/5 if it were rateable. :\

Faster completion:
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Because of all the Somalian Pirates in the news...
especially the last room, it was totally empty :(


I finally found a featured map that i was willing to fave. First off: Pirates rocks.
Second: Awesome teleporters
Third: Ninja on a pirate ship... The war has begun.


Ninja Explorer. However, this was a nice feature, quite puzzlish.

Seriously amazing.

Never so great in my life! 5

Mr. Mongoose!!!!



Nice feature. Lets see if palemoon can top (hat) this.
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The teleporters in the doors is absoloutley genius. Thanks for reviving this fingers :)

oh right

yeah, pirate ship
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still i feel that infiltrating whatever you are infiltrating, there would be more enemies around. a floorguard at the bottom at least. but i really do love this idea :)
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It's cool

Good Job
Its pretty hard for me to win!
i quite like the top room, its totally funky


teleporters that don't suck. :)
good work here.

kinky kong

/ /.