Unconcentration Camp

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Author screwloose
Tags author:screwloose experiment prisoner rated test
Created 2007-10-09
Last Modified 2007-10-09
by 6 people.
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Description About the name.
So I was in class for a test and my Jewish class mate wasn't paying attention. So my teacher told him he needs to go to concentration camp, without knowing about what she said.

But anyways.

I know I'm guilty for re-submitting.
But now I only put out maps every month or so.
So I really just want to know what I get for what I submit.

:) Enjoy again.

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love it

thats amazing. haven't seen a prisoner like it, did it take long to get the drones right? Unfortunately, prisoner levels take annoying to a whole new level, i just can't stand them, but its still a nice map. 4.5/5

Don't worry.

I'm not being serious.
There's no statue of you in my room.
I don't stalk you
or anything.

I like ratings and all, but when someone who knows what they're doing when they're making maps, likes what I made.
Despite how little it is commented on, or rated. I could think "damn, I made a pretty decent map."


for the love of god.....what the hell?
have i somehow become an unspoken legend of sorts?
because i never hear about it until random times like this



Well now that you faved it, it seems I don't even care if the map gets rated anymore. Haha.


on second thought

ive never seen anything quite like this

so i shall rate it

5, of course
and its not that its a slow day, its just time of day, it always slows down

as for the level, i dont rate resubs (unless they really suck)

but im gonna fav this

I still love this.

I can't get to far on it but still it's awesome.
Some of the drones cut it real close which is just awesome.

Today doesn't seem like a good day to really submit anything, slow.

4/5 and fav. :D


Sorry again.
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