Spontainious Photophosphorylation

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Author SecretGlitch
Tags author:secretglitch bitesized doors hard mines playable rated wall-jumping
Created 2007-10-05
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description Dedicated to Beowulf_hunt for caring to beat my previous map.

Harder than said map, though. But more exciting, due to the doors. Pay attention to the gold, it tells you where trap doors will appear.

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First of all I didn't think anyone would have THAT much trouble with the jump. O.o I guess I got used to the timing. Secondly, if I added mines between the mines it'd lag on my computer.


By why for the love of all that is holy did you use the first jump twice? It's a tough jump, and using it once as the first jump is a good move. But using it again halfway through the map is killer. I would've just put another trapdoor in - just one! - to make it a tad easier there. Other than that, this is pretty solid gameplay-wise. The aesthetics could also use some work, though. I would've strongly preferred you put mines in between the ones you've already got to create more visible lines. Had this all been done, this would be a strong 4.

But don't let me make you think I didn't like it. I did - it's in my userlevels now.


No doubt, this map was challenging, but it was very fun to work through. Great job!
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thank you lol, and it's even been bitesized! :D

I liked it

I really did