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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch bitesized episodic false-tiles rated
Created 2007-09-26
Last Modified 2007-09-27
by 13 people.
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Description It's imperative that you play this map immediately after Mapping for the Montmartre, so that the (Tunnels) tiles load over the MftM ones.

MftM link:

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Holy... wow. You are probably one of my favourite authors on NUMA, provided all of your maps are this standard.

They are so... "old-school". The style of maps nowadays have to look great, with aesthetics taking over from gameplay.

It's maps like this that I love, where action is everything. And no, I'm not calling this map ugly.

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gold demo
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Link to the other map?
I see it now, actually, but it would be helpful.


5/5aved... agd
Demo Data

You make false tiles by replacing the 1 (or whatever letter/number the tile you want to become false is represented by) to a character like * , which is what I used, from memory.

Heh. JiggerJaw already made DDAs from this. See the Glitchtastic series.

two things

1) how do u make false tiles

2) you should make a dda with that


i can see it now


it doesnt do anything sepcial