The Are Friends Electric? Ballroom

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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch episodic rated sexy
Created 2007-08-23
by 9 people.
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Description Have another. This one follows on from the last, and the next one will follow on from this, and so on, so it *is* Arcade Fire themed. The title, however, references a few other things.

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This is a nice Baraba-style map.
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I might complete someday.
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Firstt ry.

Funmap, man.
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I was one the way to a nice run, but your stupid awesome bounceblock slide stopped me. D:<
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All gold.
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i love it

i'm hopeless at crypic clues so i'll just give you an all gold demo:
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is this rated R?


Sexy indeed. Slow AGD.

4.5 and a suggestive glance.
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I love the bounceblocks. There is an abscence of them in maps, these days. The pace of the map is nice as well. 4/5