Un, Deux, Trois, dit Miroir Noir

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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch bitesized easy episodic rated
Created 2007-08-18
by 14 people.
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Description I made this early this year (March) for Clovic, but I'm sick of not seeing it here. Enjoy!

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fantastic map.

aha, I just read on the forums you were a vegetarian. me too. I haven't seen many, if any, other metanetters that actually are :)

All gold demo.

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AGD. 5.
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The tiles are amazing, too, although I must say I agree with Mechtra about the gold being a bit off.

Pfft, only March?

I think mine were made some time last year...

The map!

Sworn to secrecy, Yahoozy found himself prohibited of his destiny of which to asseverate the wondrous fulfillment one shall attain whilst playing the holy awesomeness of his master's creation. Soon, however, amidst the lowliness of the muddled conceptions and/or crap of the N User Map Archive, thy Godliness and all powerful one has risen with said creation for all citizens and living creatures to enjoy forever more. Forever more, I say.

It's fun, and the tileset is very cool, but the gold placement felt off and the top was not very enjoyable or interesting... but the rest of it made up for it, I think. AGD
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Oh my god! Contours!
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