Top Drawer!

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Author stepself
Tags action author:stepself bennett-salvay bitesized featured jesse-frederick playable rated
Created 2007-07-18
Last Modified 2007-07-18
by 40 people.
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Description "Top Drawer!" is a Miller-Boyett production, in association with Warner Bros. Television.

This map was featured on 2008-07-11

Top Drawer! is high and away the best thing to come out of Warner Bros. recently, but that's not even a lick surprising with stepself (the stepself) at the helm.

With perfectly placed drones, gold, mines, and so forth, great ideas, and a whimsical nature, Top Drawer!, that little slice of heaven brought to you by stepself and the fine folks at Miller-Boyett, certainly lives up to its name. — gloomp

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agd, pretty quick

This map is awesome.
Faved for sure
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of fastestness
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I'm giving this a rare 5/5, perfect, it took some time to figure out the best way to do this. Check out my demo, this was my first AGD Completion. Fast?
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The drone part is so cool.


one-way was put there specifically for cheaters like you, krusch!

Double post.

I wanted to cheat the map with a cornerjump, but there was a hidden one-way, huh. :(
I wanted to cheat the map with a cornerjump, but there was a hidden one-way, huh. :(

Effin' gauss...

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All gold demo

Lovely map.
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Very sexy map

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good fun, i love the tiles (no seriously) they are so nice and simple and the way they are used... i would have never though of that but the gameplay just isnt amazing... it looks very appealing but the gameplay is a little awkward
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speedy no gold

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Demo Data
Fun stuff, 5aved.
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i probably wont play it just now though

even faster

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Demo Data


I couldn't quite jump over all the drones in one, but I'm sure it's possible

brilliant fun
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Going for all-gold

Died. Now here we are.
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