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Author stepself
Tags action author:stepself drones minimal playable rated
Created 2007-07-08
Last Modified 2007-07-08
by 19 people.
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Description Probably my best map ever. Ever.

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like a warm drone hug
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failed hideously

this is mega awesome fantastic. the implcit magnificence imbedded in the tile layout and the object placement requires appreciation only through AGDing the map. marvellous!
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messed up at hte end
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But not really exceptional. Not your best in my opinion. Surprisingly many ways to take on the drones though. Not just some tiles randomly thrown around.
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agd very nice and simple, would be very nice as a metanet level if expanded a bit
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This map plays so well! 5 and faved.

*Goes and plays again*
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I'm scared of drones.

I hate drones.

I loathe drones.

I must kill drones.

Nice title.



Pretty fast, pretty sloppy. Do it better.
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