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Author gmaster
Tags action author:gmaster bizzle frizzlees playable rated shnizzle
Created 2007-07-10
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description Fo-shizzle my dizzles...

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I just wanted to joke for once... thought it would be funny. Yes, this map was lv generated. I kinda liked how it came out.

Oh, right!

kk doesn't have a life because he made fun of your poor little map, but of course somebody who's name is "gmaster", uses the words "serizored", "pl0x", "u", and other misspellings, and plagurizes somebody else work /has/ a life.

looks like

you can't even get the door switch, lol

Nice job, have a banana (
C'mon, it's like... so obvious. All you did was edit it a little. The style is exactly like it, and so is the mine and gold placement. There are even random useless objects. And the rest of your maps do /not/ have this style.



um u have a life...u probably dont


Iter aint generatored...serizored...

for real, i made this mapo myselfo


this really looks like it wasa LV generated map