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Author chuckie
Tags author:chuckie fun playable race rated
Created 2007-07-07
by 5 people.
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Description Tried to make a longer race than my usual races. Flow is ok. RCE

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The flow is kinda bumpy. And the enemy placement is unexciting. Still it is quite alot of fun.
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kinda boring

meh. 3.5/5
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but a bit rocky. still good, yes. 4/5.
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cheated again!

I'm on a roll!
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my proper demo

back to cheating...
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cheated again

the flow is easy to find, I just want to cheat it!
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i found the flow. Nice race. there was a few flow hiccups here and there but good. 4/5

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Demo Data

Me nether

i can't find the flow.
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i need it to see the flow
the start is awkward because it looks like you're just going to drop into the mine. I lose it about halfway through the map.