I dub thee...

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Author chuckie
Tags author:chuckie fun playable race rated
Created 2007-07-03
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Ded to in_dub for his map Funky - Fresh ... well almost. My best race in ages. By the way you have to go fairly fast to beat one of the drones. RCE

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i like

the fact that the map is not generic but i think the flow in a few places could have been better althoug i like the fact that you have not over crovded it with enemies.

5/5 for the hard work and you will make eventually a race that will fly straight to the to 10 because you have the ability to you just need the right map.

hay i gave you your 6th vote if that means anything to you.


for the long speech

well what can i say thax for the ded and i am going to play the map now. oh and also if you check my favorites all the dedications i have had (that ive seen) anr in there - this just adds to the collection. thanx once again and i will give you a ded for your had word and just being a great m8.(one of the best)

Pretty good

Although the jumps are hard and the flow is just bad in some areas. Nice use of drones though, 3.5.