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Author Dark_Zero
Tags action author:dark_zero playable puzzle rated
Created 2007-07-07
by 9 people.
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Description Thats some sexy resub.

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I agree. Dark_Zero is kickass.
i miss you :( your stuff is a blast to play!


This map is not for beginners. But it's worthy of a 4/5. Which is what I'll give it

@ skyline

Most of the time I use mapswap I get my incompletes, its strange. Anyway thanks for comments guys.
EVER, but I'm loving this 110% more than the original and I finally got an all gold demo. 4.5/5. I would fave it but I'm such a fave whore that I ought to delete like half my favorites. It's really time I got me some higher standards...
Demo Data
Loving the tiles, and the drone and gauss combination is extremely well done. 4.5

Argh. Both times I've used mapswap, I've gotten your incompletes. It's crazy. Hopefully I'll put this one to good use as well. ^_^