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Author Sendy
Tags action author:sendy playable rated
Created 2005-06-06
Last Modified 2005-06-07
by 7 people.
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Description Decided to fill in Atramentis' dream tiles map:

I haven't played at g_s' rendition of it but I did look briefly a while ago - I don't remember much about it. Hopefully this is different ;)

EDIT: Provided a switch to make getting down easier.

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Beat it.

Nothing to say.

Oh yes, that thing that "g_s" showed... My N did it randomly. One time it did it, the next 4 did not. And i fell to the pit exactly the same way ALWAYS.

I don't know..

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I, personally,

loved getting up there. It was getting down that bugged me :-P

This is nice

By the way, the link you left on my tiles was just a link to the tiles :S
I had to find this myself (not hard though).


this is quite different from my version. It is amazing how two people can take the same canvas and create such different paintings :).

First, I thought it was really cool how you could squeeze under the thwumps at the bottom - that part really annoyed me until I figured this out, and it is even doubly cool if you purposely designed it that way. I wish I would have thought of that. Second, it was really annoying getting up to the top - especially with that rocket tailing me. I have done it a couple times just not in this demo. This transition seems to interrupt the general feel of the level, and I wish you could smooth it out a bit by adding some bounceblocks/launchpads or something. The top bit itself plays nicely, once you get up there...

yeah. if you could fix up the part where you climb to the top I would definately give this a 4. I will hold off on rating for now.
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