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Author apg
Tags action author:apg featured leftover playable unrated
Created 2007-05-14
Last Modified 2007-06-22
Map Data

Description Old leftover map.

This map was featured on 2008-08-23

apg is one of my favourite authors, and he left a hole in my heart ever since he dropped off the internet.

Temptation is a beautiful map and is a prime example of apg’s ability to create a surreal experience. It brings much more to the table than one might expect yet it has this intangible ‘familiar’ feel to it. Plotting a decent route through this map is hard, due to the limiting tiles and the placement of the exits, yet satisfying when done well.

For beginners and experts alike, anyone can play this map, and everyone can enjoy it. — lord_day

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So . . .

this map has been featured for nearly 50 hours? Whats the new time?

Good fun


Possibly another multi-day feature?

i like

the gold symmetry :)

this is awe-some!


Disagree with atob. Just have fun with it dude! Haha, this is why I'm not a reviewer.

Exactly 2 seconds faster than kkstrong. I wonder why... ;)

Demo Data

Agree with ATOB

It has a little too much repetition involved in the concept. But I still think it's pretty cool for high scoring.


rating disabled!


a completion demo. 4/5aved
Demo Data


First comment when featured.
DD in a sec.

Clever concept

but an implementation that lacks any real impact. Feels too barren, and the repeated back and forth to snatch gold doesn't live up to the inspired nature of the concept itself.

As an idea, it's great. As a full map, I find it below average in terms of play.