Touch of Awakening

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Author modern_ancient
Tags author:modern_ancient bitesized rated tileset
Created 2007-05-01
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description Feel free to use, credit if you do.

Ded. to Electrode for tileset swap.

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It's too repetitive and pointy. It needs some curve at the base of each of the vines, and the tile circle doesn't fit in. 3.5/5


thanks dudes.
I´m curious to see your one, Electrode... :)

Thanks m_a!

Yep, this is great! Better than I expected!

Super freakY!

Five out of fivE!

Love it. 5/5

It looks like a good puzzle map. Or something with a rocket. Or a puzzle with a rocket. Or a race with asparagus. Yes, that's it.


Simply amazing. 5.0!