Shrouded Whirl

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Author modern_ancient
Tags author:modern_ancient playable race rated
Created 2007-04-18
by 7 people.
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Description Made quick, played quick, but still quite fun.

Have a nice race!


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its small

u should make the level a little bigger so u will have a lot of room to dodge the rockets but overall it was fun i will give is a 4

1 frame faster

really long for this size
4/5 from me! :{ <thats a moustache!
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hmmm, it's nice. But a bit boring :P

it's okay

good for a bit o' fun

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its good.

3.5/5. i found it a bit difficult to find the flow at first.


Its fun but kinda easy

i like how long you made it in such a short period.

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