Gunky Monkey revised

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Author Bunniesandsheep
Tags author:bunniesandsheep bunnymonkeyseries playable race rated
Created 2007-04-24
Last Modified 2007-06-27
by 10 people.
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Description revised due to complaints about the bottom box.

Hunky Monkey:
Punky Monkey:


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A really high 4

I love the flow, and the use of space, but I'd like more interaction with objects like the thwump if you put it there in the first place.
Im loving this series! AGD included (took a shortcut, just to beat your dem ;).

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No box! 4.5
flow demo for the existinator
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Great map.

But does this happen to you? Or is it my laggy computer?
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then got chased by rockets and died
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