Infuriatingly, annoyingly hard

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Author Bunniesandsheep
Tags author:bunniesandsheep playable race rated
Created 2007-04-16
by 14 people.
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Description goddam this is hard! demo included and first agd gets a ded

demo included


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I love it. 5/5

I love it.

This is infuriatingly hard, irrestibly addictive, and it's also good practice for me. Bravo!

and yeah

the last thwump can be annoying sometimes......then again it's all part of the job! :P


i can make the 5th thwump harder but i didn't cause i'm nice


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I have mixed feeling for this map, flowy action, but not exactly fun. I like the thump placements (kinda made me frustrated when i missed though). So: 4/5


you had to adjust your keys for the first one? the hard one was the second.

great race, btw. 4/5

ah well

i liked it


too random

i agree with the_existinator

its more frustrating cause sometimes it wont work when you try to go past a thwump. And its too hard to get past the first thwump anyway. I had to adjust my keys to get that start which i shouldnt have to do.


Well you do!

no, it is

it's just i didn't know i roked


Is that not a compliment where you come from?

I do?

didn't know that?!


BunniesandSheep rocks.

now remember guys

that i could've made this alot harder, but i placed the thwumps in easier places. ded to Dan_K will come soon


Mah! All gold.
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good to see that some people like it


This map is awesome! So hard yet so addictive! 5/5 and faved.
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But no cigar, yet...
Demo Data

I love it

And Im working on a demo right now


it's supposed to be hard. very hard. very very hard. you get the idea. i did it without fbf, and i'm a noob, so i think that others can do it without fbf

im not diggin this

the fact that you have to have complete frame accuracy and not make a single mistake takes all the fun out of it. theres probably going to be like 3 or 4 possible demos for this map. it flows very well, but its just not fun. 3

flow demo

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