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Author in_dub
Tags author:in_dub bitesized featured playable race rated
Created 2007-04-16
by 65 people.
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Description complecated vbut pretty easy although u hav to be fast to get past the drones. If theres any glitches in it tell me but dont rate it down because of them.

Hint: Go as fast as u can but watch out for the first jump its comes out quiet quick

This map was featured on 2015-02-09

Back when I first discovered NUMA I headed straight over to the top rated section, and looked through the top rated race maps. That is where I discovered in_dub.

in_dub was the pinnacle of race mapping for his time. I fully believe that if he had remained he would be looked up to as the god of the genre. Although he may not have stayed long enough for that title, I at least look upon him as the founder.

Algebra was made in 2007. Eight years ago. This is why I became a race author. — _destiny^-

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8 years old

holy shit

You're right ska

But for me those authors didn't really advance the genre in any way. Formica has to be credited massively for the crazy miner, and MARIJNANDRIES for all he did too (systematic was seriously awesome).

For me personally, back in that era though when I had just joined the community, in_dub shone out above the others. His race maps were higher quality, with more inventive flow mechanisms.

This map probably doesn't highlight that as good as some of his later ones, but this is the one that sat on the top rated page for a year, and it's the one that always inspired me to improve myself as a race mapper.

the founder?

what about formica, starburst, MARIJNENANDRIES, tktktk and tl (who, unfortunately, deleted all but one of his maps.) They all made amazing race maps years before in_dub so much as made his first race.

Furthermore, the map itself, while decent in spots, is generic and ruined by the drone bottleneck in the top-right corner (as others have mentioned already). Also, it looks ugly. Barely above average imo.
I guess for the time, close drone calls were rarer in races than they are now. I'd give this a 3 but given the time this came out, I'll give it 3.5^/5

great review destiny!
love this map.


As, if you are too fast, you can´t beat the third drone,
I didn´t collect the three pieces of gold at the top...
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But I did it:
Demo Data

Demo Data
This is one of the best races I've ever played. 5/5.
Demo Data

here's a hint

yours is 1087 frames.


How do you tell how many frames a demo is?
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Fuck, I hate algebra!

But I love the map, 5/5

Love it


And, to be nice, Bitesized.
he didn't think it was good enough ;_;

can you remake 1 lowzy drone? it looked REALLY fun if you had just reset the ninja :P

can i just say every map round this onehas been bitsized accept this one . WHY ?
Very good map, by the way. Loved it. Already rated it. Forgot what I rated it.

I like...

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what ever happened to "one lowzy drone"? that was awsome if you reset it
;_; please make it again, it would make me happy :)

I won :-)

Demo Data
Demo Data

great map

AND fastest demo
Demo Data

ps. I love algebra - 5/5
And all of us have our own speeds. I would work on that. 4.5

Good flow

Great gameplay. 4.5

Fast race map

And Lightning McQueen has one more lap to go before he wins his Piston Cup! Kachow! Oh no, watch out, Lightning!

CRASH. (Represents demo).
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y not chek some of mi ufer race maps to see if u like them

I'd like to see a race that threatens to undeath though :)



I liked how the drones got trapped. Could've used more rockets though; it was kinda boring. -0.5 for that, so 4.5/5


I LOVE this. The drones were perfect, but it was cheatable.

Nevertheless, 5aved.

Ahh, crap. Epigone, you beat me by 5 frames >=[[[[[[
Demo Data

algebra is gay

but this map is really kool

Anyway back to the BRILLIANT race. This map is one of the more BRILLIANT race maps that has come out, as stated by Epigone. The part I liked the best was that you didn't have to slow down or speed up to get the BRILLIANT flow correct. The enemies and mines were placed just BRILLIANTLY. You should make some more races. BRILLIANT. 5/5.

superb race.

I had no problems with any of the mines. I'd say this is the best race to come out in a while. Excellent flow, looks great, fun to play.
(thats rare from me)
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Demo Data


Trapt'd. The one glitchy thing in this map is the cluster of mines above and to the right of the exit switch. More often than not, I'm killed by one of them, through no fault of my own.
Demo Data


Kind of stylish, alright to play, but I must say the timing on that last drone is BRILLIANT.