Pressure Plates

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Author Ben_Schultz_11
Tags author:ben_schultz_11 bitesized playable puzzle rated sickness ska tricky
Created 2007-04-03
Last Modified 2008-10-11
by 22 people.
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Description hey, if your looking for my recent (and much cooler) maps Click HERE []

A choreogapher's nightmare. Please, whatever you do, do not play this map.

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I'll post a link if I ever get around to making one. I'm not very active these days.
Mind if I use this in a puzzle/simple challenge?

I like that it surprises you originally, but after that you get it completely. Very few gimmicks are like that.

no problem


Aw man...

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hell yeaha!
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lol ima cheater
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you said you left:
And this account was banned. wtf?


'nuff said. Slow AGD:
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its race-esque

but very much a puzzle. i like 4.5


Aren't you banned?

very nice.


Nice kind of puzzle

I think it's a hybrid,?


Why did you log into this acc? :)


also, are we still up for Saturday, ask Maddy to come! Go back on MSN again will ya.

Woah Ben!

you havn't submitted a map for a whole year! WTF!?
Great Map BTW. Here's a demo...
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