Second Chance Draw

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Author Ben_Schultz_11
Tags action author:ben_schultz_11 playable rated
Created 2006-04-22
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description A redux of 'Vance' This is it! I am finally satisified with this level. See my crummy all gold which shows one of many possible all gold routes. The chain-gun bit at the end is probably the hardest bit. Please rate enjoy this, I have put time and effort into this.

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I don't know if he multi-accounted, and I don't really care.

Ska has been nothing but nice to me here, and I don't think he multi-accounts.


I must admit I think your maps are good. Even if you think mine are shithouse.
But I hate your attitude to this whole thing. Even if I did multi-account, you probably would quickly jump to say.. krusch's or B_T's defence. The way some of you guys treat me like scum with your so called evidence! How can you deny the existence of my own sister?! Shame.

He was

an average mapmaker at best.

The fact that this had been submitted on princess_sophie's account makes it obvious that he was multi-accounting. He knew what would happen, so he got just what he desereved.
it's not fair, he was of my favourites. Also krusch, didn't you guys used to be mates?

evey one

STFU...its over, and i wish BS11 was back...we should have given him a major warning and banned his other accounts...


who goes to my school?
But the only other person to say 'deuche' was holdeddie. I'm not saying you're him though, because he would cause trouble if he was back. But he did say he was using a public school. Do you know if he goes to your school?


is a deuche.he forgot to logoff my pc so he realised he had accidentally commennted using my account. I do think he multiaccounted with princess_sophie though i'm not completely sure. So I am a real person thank you very much!

Nice Krusch...

And if you've noticed. The two comments (from Sammy and Ben_S) were only a minute or two away. Therefore, he had to rush to logout, log back in, and comment on your map again so that no one would suspect him!




we go to the same school. e.g. public computer
Look at Sammy_AL's comments here:

You'll need to scroll down a little. Odd.


Sammy_AL you, must be connected to this guy somehow, am I right? Di he send you? Oh yeah, when people say B_S, guess what I think of.


If you absolutely must cheat, at least try to be smart about it ;P

Holy hell.

Just the other day when I saw princess_sophie's comment here: , I said to the guys "I bet BS_11 made that account.".

And he did.

How could you?

I hope it was some sortof mistake. It would suck too lose you.
man, you had some great maps. WHY???

It'll take more

than another account on a seperate IP with some badly thrown together maps to convince us of validity.

Another thing..

Wouldn't P_S recognise that was her map if she had made it herself? I think this needs to be taken further with arachnid.
there was indeed a map submited named 'Vance' by Princess Sophie. BS11 obviously forgot to logout of his sister's account and submmitted in her name by accident. He had stated what happened earlier but when he mad a redux he forgot to mention again what actually happened and has since being banned. According to my knowlege this is an UNFORTUNATE misyake and we have lost a great top ten authour.


Yes, freaking hell, I saw it too.

Caught red handed B_S...


I saw this map last night. Except it was princess_sophie's map and it was called Vance World, or something like that...

that was great fun!

I died at the chaingun. A nice hybrid level that reeks of style!


a masterpeice 5/5 awsome


finally! There are so many ways of doing this level! Feel free to post your demos too if you'd like to..
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