My first KRADDA.

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Author MC_Frank_E
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Created 2007-02-20
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Description I just wanted to get an idea... I'm not a professional at this, so can I have some tips on making good KRADDA's?

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Thumbnail of the map 'My First DDA.'
My First DDA.


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Place a normal door somewhere and put exactly 6 pieces of gold on it, in the middle of the door. N either goes forwards quickly, backwards slightly, or explodes! =D

For KRADDAs, though, I would suggest using bounceblocks because they are easier to use since the rocket doesn't crash into them and explode, unlike normal doors. And, as an extra tip, try making N take a long route while the rocket takes a tile-filled, shorter route. It usually works better.

I made a new KRADDA

It's called BeatBox KRADDA2.
It is longer and has close calls. rocket goes through the wall like 5 times.

Shall be done.

Thanks guys. I'm better with tiles than with items @_@ I still cannot figure out how to use normal door for propulsion can someone help? I have a whole vacation to make a map, but I usually make more than 1 a day.
You need to be prepared to put in a few hours of work and DONT cut corners, This DDA of mine took me around twelve hours.

For example, instead of a big gap at the end, the rocket could be going through a wall, or there could be another enemy, like a turret or a chaingun that nearly kills N...
See what I'm getting at? as kkstrong says, lots of time is needed working, and you need to want to make one
and make the dda last longer.


time and more time