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Author apg
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Created 2007-03-03
Last Modified 2007-03-03
by 10 people.
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Description First of all, thanks to Clifty for encouraging me to make a DDA!
This is my first attempt at making a DDA. It's not a KRA-, HR-, BBQ-, or any other of those fancy DDAs - just a regular Don't Do Anything.

I love the beginning with the bounceblocks (which I created by an accident). The close call with the rocket there is pretty cool in my opinion.

Other than that, it's just a boring, unoriginal DDA. It's not be the DDA of the year, but that doesn't stop me from submitting it...


I had really fun making this, even though it may not be my best map. Have fun watching. :1

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Pretty good

I liked the close calls, and it was pretty good for a first DDA. Next time, put more enemies in. Gauss turrets (usualy 6 of 'em) make a DDA look reaaaallly nice.


Still, 3/5.
(and you get your ded, as agreed)
watch in fbf, hugs the rocket in the beginning
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Great for a first

The rocket close calls are awesome, and the ending is wicked. =D

Try adding more enemies. Laser drones usually work great if you slide in between two lasers. Homing launchers are actually really easy to use. Just scramble a bunch of them in your DDA and use bounceblock propulsion to propel N away from them (or just block the ones you can't propel with a trapdoor or a normal door).

Otherwise, 3.5/5.