Back in Black

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Author romaniac
Tags author:romaniac playable puzzle rated
Created 2007-02-19
Last Modified 2007-02-19
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description Very basic map only using E blocks, N, and an exit.
If you cant do it, you should be ashamed of yourself

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It took me 3 tries
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There's really only one moderately difficult jump. Asides from that, you could have made the map look a little less nooby. 3/5
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Damn you.

:P I'm not going to try for it now then. I've lost motivation. Haha.

sorry midnights

demo no longer werks
i tries to do that but couldnt...


Get faster?

Okay. This should be decent enough. Until wedgie comes along or something. :P
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get faster

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a little better

this is fun
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first try

Now Ill go for faster
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