Battlefield Rockets

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Author debtmaster
Tags author:debtmaster dda rated
Created 2007-02-09
Last Modified 2007-03-06
by 8 people.
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Description The only reason I'm calling this "Battlefield" is because my dad said it sounded like I was playing war games while I was making this.

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i mean

+1 for 3367 frames.
There we go.

Start with 2.5

-1 for launchpads.
-1 for gold delay.
+3 for so many close calls it made my eyes bleed.
+2 for 3367 frames.
+0.5 for the entertaining fake death.
+fave for the last three things I said altogether.
=5/5 and faved.

Great work.


-1 for launchpads
-1 for gold delay
-.5 for teleporter
= 2.5/5

very good

its quite lengthy. try to cut down on launchpads, especially edited ones.
it seemed flowy, which i liked