Virus: Part 2

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Author debtmaster
Tags author:debtmaster dda unrated
Created 2007-01-27
Last Modified 2007-01-27
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Description "Exploring inside his laptop for the source of the scout he had previously avoided, N finds a horrid scene on his OS files: his computer is in a deadly fight with the VIRUS.

The landscape he sees below him is warped and twisted from the evil infection. To make matters worse, his own computer has "recognized" him as a threat (although is it already mostly incapacitated: must be the faulty Doors programming).

To learn vital information to do what his laptop cannot, N must retrieve a strand of information from the virus' side. He will need luck on his side..."

And luck *you* need as well. Sometimes, if you haven't any, the Ninja dies near the beginning (when he's first on the right side of the screen).
This is the sequel to the originally named Virus: Part 1 (found at Enjoy.

Or not. Whatever.

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is "born" when you press 1.
Not enough action. 3/5


I don't see why not. They're made up when I submit the map, so it's not like a fantasize about storylines.
'Sides, I thought making maps was about creativity.


you make little stories to your maps?
I didn't know NUMA hyperlinked. Meh.