The Masters - maximo

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Author RokusaburoMichiba
Tags action author:rokusaburomichiba playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-05-04
Last Modified 2005-05-04
by 6 people.
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Description I've decided to start a series where I make maps in certain styles that some of the greatest users on numa incorporate into their maps. What could be more appropriate than starting with maximo?

Comments are extremely welcome and post demos!
~Rokusaburo Michiba

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This is a _really_ hard map. Plenty of rockets. I think you did kind of a good job, but I can still see an inkling of your style.

As for the map, _really_ hard. I think it'd probably make the map better if the corner mines on the rocket platforms(not the ones by the rockets) were nonexistant.


i hit enter where i died and beat it from there no problem. so i consider myself having beat this. this is one of my favorites. i hope someone tries for all gold that be impressive


so close. i got all the keys! i just... needed... a few... more... seconds!
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sweet map.

im working on a completion map. but this maps alot of fun! this was my 1rst try. 5/5! great job like usual
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