Ianbic Pentameter

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Author RokusaburoMichiba
Tags action author:rokusaburomichiba playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-05-02
Last Modified 2005-05-02
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description When I first set off making a dedication map, I found Ianbic Pentameter to be a clever name... but then I soon found out that I couldn't think of any clever ways of incorporating the name to the actual map itself. I resorted to five groups of two gold pieces in each room.

ianb, this is the dedication map you get for having the fastest time on my contest map. Congratulations and I hope this map will please you.

Feel free to rate and comment. Thanks.
~Rokusaburo Michiba

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Great map. It's fun and very challenging.
Demo Data


very cool


I get a map! Thanks. It's quite a good one, too.
Not that I can do it... (working...)


great map, very clever