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Author xblackbeltninjax
Tags author:xblackbeltninjax rated tileset
Created 2007-01-17
Last Modified 2007-01-28
by 5 people.
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Description This was the tileset which iused to make my DDR. PLease feel free to use it but site me and put a link to your map on this page. Rate and enjoy. This map would be great for action maps, jumpers, or a DDA which i made.

*NOTE: This map IS a tileset even though it has a door. I added the door in order to submit my map to the Playable Tileset Comp:

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Tied my time
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My non-fbf demo is faster than death's fbf demo.
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if you want to...

see deathcloud33's demo, take out the door

new jumper

you are inspiring me to make a jumper which i am atarting now

It's "DDA"

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