Block Jumper

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Author xblackbeltninjax
Tags action author:xblackbeltninjax playable rated
Created 2007-01-09
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description This is a map which could very frustrating and difficult. I realize that this is a mimic of an N level in the game but i have tweeked it a little bit and made my own version of it. THe changes are: 2 rockets insted of one, different locations and numbers of switches, floor guards, and gold delay to screw up your timing on the blocks. Aso i have added mines and trap rooms to further complicate and harden the level so people with awsome jumping skillz will be able to complete this level.

HINT: people who are good at making DDA's (*not pure jump pads) could find that the traps on this level could be used to help propell u upward and possibly help you.


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that really pisses me off when people dont comment after they rate to tell me what is wrong with my maps...what could i add or remove from this map...and could anyone beat it?


Annoying map, and atrocious tileset..
That is weird you've sustained a 4/5 Average with only two comments... o.o... *cough*



Annoying. It's an ok map. 3/5

And... if it's 4.5 rating how come nobody comments on how good it was if they rated so high?