The Most Impossible

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Author maximo
Tags author:maximo bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2007-01-08
by 53 people.
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Description My last map for numa. I know i haven't posted in about ages but this is by far the hardest map i've ever made. I know each section is possible on it's own but I've never sucessfully done it all in one run. Enjoy and thanks for the good run (to those who remember me).

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Strange.. For me this is actually quite easy. Teh first two doors go almost all the time, and the third one only produces mistakes about half the time. Anyway, really nice map.


Strange.. For me this is actually quite easy. Teh first two doors go almost all the time, and the third one only produces mistakes about half the time. Anyway, really nice map.


Fantastic map ! 5/5

Awesome map

i'm missing your maps. 5/5
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brocerius, did you not see my demo?


completion :D

...was a bit nervous in the end :)
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Just kidding. Excellent map. Bastardingly hard though.

FYI, it is possible to complete it after getting only one of the trapdoors. I may try and do it in fbf, just to show you...


Sadly this is your last map, but it is great. It has that lucidum style to it where it's just you, the mines, and your jumping skills. Great.

lol, wedgie.

Amazing demo. Awesome map. 5/5


I didn't realise that there was a cut-off time for people to stop posting things like that...

and people are still posting about how their sad he left.

You're the best

Your maps are the greatest. Plue was the first map I ever liked. We'll miss you and your maps.


you cant leave.....


ur final map? *sad* Oh well, they talk about going out with a bang. my geiger counter is going off! Wow, after these demos do I feel more of a n0000000000b than ever. hoo boy, its not worth posting mine ;|. 5ved and faved. congrats on rising to the upmost tier of NUMA, and come back on your knees whimpering like everyone else. we need you and the other high-ups! trust me on this!
its just that damned jump at the top

oh and

:( you're leaving. I remember when I first started to play the game and I idolized you.


taht's such a good demo, wedgie123

my attempt. Ehh. That one switch is hard. The rest aren't too hard.
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For your last map,

This really takes the cake. Reminds me of one of my maps, but is executed with dependence on skill. I like it. 5aved.
i watched wedgie123's demo and i dont know how you go that fast i would show u my demo(it sucks) but
4 some unknown reason i cant paste
i can copy


You will still be making maps in Legacy, won't you?


Well met, well missed.


yo if you still check your coments check my new map
i saw your constructive critisism for my other maps and would really like to get your opinion on this one
Hit me back, Nobyl
P.S. illin map by the way

i got

to the trapdoor under the real door

cya maximo great having you here man

take care and i hope all goes well

we well miss u!

cya from "skillzdcyoo"


I don't want to repeat what 4lternate's comment, so just scroll down the page to see what I was going to say.
I can't believe it.


Brilliant Map.

Really sorry to see you go. You're without a doubt my favorite author of all time. Sorry to see you go. (5aved)

I am though.

Sorry maximo.

Really sorry to hear you leaving man. I will miss you.
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This can be done with only one trap door...
I'm nowhere near good enough to do it though.

First two jumps...

it's so bloody hard
Demo Data

good map.

sorry to see you go, you are so good.
also sorry i'm not good enough to make a demo. i played it though. very nice.


See you around. Well, maybe not, but I certainly hope to.

A painful demo. I die.
Demo Data
I came back quietly sobbing in a slightly dignified manner. Do that.


He has to. I'm not at liberty to say why, but he's gotta move on from here.


Don't leave forever! Please come crying back like the rest of them!


for ever. or just on NUMA.
will you make map packs?
are you leaving the comuninity?
please no!
Well, I didn't really know you, but I sure knew your maps. And oh, were they good!
Anyways, a fantastically thought out and laid out map. Sorta like a whole lot of simple challenges packed into one map.
I'm too tired to deal with decimals, so.. 5aved.