Japanese Discent

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Author maximo
Tags author:maximo playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-06-15
by 25 people.
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Description there is a very fast way to do this without waiting for the twumps and i'm currious if anyone can get a demo of it. I don't think you can cheat this, the fast way involves the twumps still. enjoy.

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way, probably only effective if you get it first try, not like mine. :)
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All gold.

Pretty fun, mobility is constricted which isn't by nature a bad thing but frustrating in this map.
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another way

again, yours was cooler.
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i just can't do it twice so I died...but the thing I did first, that's how i wanted it to be odne. But that's a good run there cheese god.
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I hate snipers... They're just dumb...

I cant get hang of this map. :o I think its just too hard for me..^^

Very fun

Why the hell is this a .5?
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Awesome level, 5/5

me too

multi account sniping.
this is what numa has come to.


you got sniped really badly

i dunno who it was, but that is just real harsh

im giving it a 5