Mother Thwumping Impossible - Revisited

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Author nevermore
Tags author:nevermore rated test v1.3c
Created 2005-04-20
by 30 people.
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Description Please, please don't rate this. I decided to take the most tedious level in the game and make it easy. Small rodents could beat this level.
Great fun for speed runs. Give it a try!

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I gave my whole week to beat the original one, years ago :)

When i beaten it, i would cry out by happiness.

But now i'm beaten all 200 episodes of nreality, but the original MTI is still a -so funny- nightmare to me ^^


for those who have beaten N, this level is blashphemy

for those who haven't, its a dream come true

(i am part of the first group)


that was way too easy compared to 88 level 4

La dee dah di dah!

Stress relief before I play my mother thwumping factory.
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But in a good way!

That was really fun! Seeing as I was driven crazy by the real one, which was even more maddening since I made it.

Everyone rated your map, despite what you said, but that's fine. It was worthy of rating. A different name could have made it a little more obvious that it wasn't the original. Say, "Mother Thumping Simple".

if this easy....

if his is easy then i must be a small rodents crap!



Well, just revisited this revisited map... Aww, you took all the fun out of MTI :( And why is this rated as one of the top maps? Honestly, it shouldn't be, particularly because most of it isn't nevermore's work.


is it just me, or did 12 people do exactly what nevermore politely asked them not to? this map will remain unrated by me.

Lol, 5/5

If only the real MTI was this easy to all gold.
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it's like a pain reliever from the original MTI! :D
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you have no idea how good this felt.
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/me sucks. Is not a small rodent.
Easy = bad? When did I say that?

oh, no...

i see what you did. oops, sorry, i was confused :s

I'm sorry

but I had to rate it. It's a fantastic map, whatever you say. 5/5. And really, I thought you new better than 'easy = bad'


me = pathetic.
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Fun. :)
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Here's my speedy run.
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