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Author LouDog004
Tags action author:loudog004 bitesized playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-04-11
by 19 people.
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Description Simple all gold challenge.

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Didn't think it would only take one try, still FBF
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FBF Speed

Just for Kicks
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With ska's route and clux's and my own innovations.
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holy shit..

clux's run was almost 2 seconds faster... what a legend..


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I'm the first to notice the chess reference.

Go me...


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Demo Data

yeah i know

its a lot more fun to go for all gold. I tried it, and got addicted. That was after my speed run.


You obviously don't understand this kind of map. I gave it a 5, by the way.
LouDog, I spent too much time on that first demo, and I thought I had all the kinks ironed out. Don't expect another one. ;)


it's a little boring. but a nice challenge, but simple. i was really close, until i stopped paying attention....
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but there are a few mistakes.
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Wow, LouDog

I hadn't seen your demo, but our routes are almost identical at the beginning.


The fun part of these maps are to get all gold. If you don't go for it, then the map becomes quite unfun.
This is my favorite map of this kind. It's really, really fun, and it's not so straightforward.
Oh, and beat ya!
I hate that one block at the left...
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fbf wow. i got goin fast
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and i messed up.
i did it frame by frame last time, if orgot to post that simple fact.
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fastest no gold

should be easy to beat
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My demo

Try it beat my time by yourself first.
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