Excursing from Existence

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Author Satyricon
Tags author:satyricon playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-12-04
by 8 people.
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Description Many bounceblocks indeed..

Now to the point.
This is my second submitted map, and as you can see, I´ve spent much time to this. The tileset isn´t maybe as good it was in my last map, but this is more playable.
I would appreciate that you send some critic and other comments.

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it looks at little complex and such, but that may just be me
maybe a little shorter?


2nd map? your a pro..


At least I made it to the top.
Okay, it really is hard. =)
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Without bounceblocks the point is gone, as you can see, the thing what makes the start hard, is those bounceblocks. For my opinion they´re just for fun and makes the map looking cooler.

And yes, I have finished the map, without demo. I´ll send it really soon. But when I really try to make a demo I die nearly in the beginning, but yes. It really is possible.

Second Try.

Have you acctually finished this map? If yes, post a demo.
Demo Data

horribly awkward.

It would have been better without the bounceblocks