Under a Soil and Black Stone

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Author Satyricon
Tags author:satyricon bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-11-23
Last Modified 2006-11-23
by 15 people.
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Description Hello.
This is my first map ever submitted to NUMA. Of course I've made antoher maps, but they aren't so good as this is, maybe I'll submit them later.
I've spent alot time for make this to be challenging and fun, so it would be nice that you even play it.
Thank you.


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Very impressive

I'm glad you worked on you skills before submitting a amp. Most people put their very first one up. I can really tell that you spent time not only on this, but on learning how to make a fun map.
Welcome to Numa! I hope you enjoy a very long and prosperous stay!


Great first submission. Love the map. Faved.


nice map

Wow, didn't think it would be that good, anyway thanks for all comments!


5/5! Really hard! Can you beat this? The tileset is REALLY cool and I like that trapdoor trick :). Keep going!
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this is a very good map, especially as its your first. Welcome to NUMA. check out the forums, they are truly the bbest ive ever seen, i hope you stick around. 4.5/5 btw
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This is a great map, man. It had a good feel to it. In some ways, it felt like a Metanet map, which I really like. I really liked the placement of those objects, as well.

Keep it up man! And welcome to NUMA. =)

Thank God,

some people are actually smart on NUMA. Welcome, this is the best first map I've seen in a while. 4.5/5