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Author doodhus
Tags action author:doodhus playable unrated
Created 2006-09-30
Last Modified 2006-09-30
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description just thought id bust out a level cos i havnt in ages, take the time to suss it out cos its uber fun once you beat it, ill post a demo for all

its symetrical before and after you finish, cool hey!

ill definetely consider busting out a ded for anyone who can beat my demo

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i guess you get the ded now instead of ska, cool

thats it now no more entries taken unless its under 1000 frames which would be sweet


that first demo was a bit odd, sorry i guess...

cheated a little

still, pretty slow demo at the end.
Demo Data


still playing around with the map, so no rating yet, but I thought I'd post this strange demo.
Demo Data
ive already given you a ded, never fear, youll get your ded, i like making them

what category to you want?
Demo Data


but those darn Thwumps keep killing me !
Demo Data
one sweet as demo

if someone can beat my demo, ill consider making them a ded, agds only
Demo Data