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Author doodhus
Tags action author:doodhus playable unrated
Created 2006-08-16
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description pretty much awesome...

i misconstrued the 10 minute comp to be an agd comp, like as in best in 10 minutes, anyways i thought that would make a good comp, best agd in 10 minutes wins a ded-map

and also , listen to wolfmother...

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shut up



you have fun..but you will be back..i know the look in your eye u get when talkin about N


this is shit, i give up

for anyone who cares: bye forever from me, im so discouraged at map making i think i might never play ever again, so i know i sound like a sore loser, but every user should feel ashamed at ignoring peoples maps or sniping people, numa should have been about users encouraging each other to make better maps and give each other a go, but instead numa is plagued by brigand-like snipers, is ruled by a selective group of map-makers that are to aloof and kingly to rate other peoples maps and the common user is ashamed to submit his/her maps for fear of scornful critisism when all they should receive are positive and constructive comments that encourage them to make more maps

so let numa be run by a group of inconsiderate shits, see if i care, im gone