Turret Turmoil

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Author SquidgY
Tags author:squidgy dda rated
Created 2006-08-29
by 19 people.
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Description I started this map when I noticed a trend in filling DDAs with so many baddies that they started losing their appeal. Of course, this trend is still going strong... meh. At least I can offer some comfort to those who agree with my opinion.

Instead of filling this DDA with all sorts of deadly obstacles, I filled it up with one: Turrets. Lots and lots of turrets... a bit of a gamble perhaps, but themitic maps are my specialty.

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It was beautiful. Messy. 4.5.


I kinda agree with Jiggerjaw; you mentioned filling up levs with too many "baddies" when this level has 28 gausses. I agree enemy bloated levels are getting out of hand ( I've made a few myself) and believe this is an overall well made level.


very cool map. i love how they all fire at once. 4.5


Specialization maps! Like my Starlight map:
It got rated down for "too many lazer drones" numerous times, which is why I thought this map would be "a bit of a gamble." I'm glad the same hasn't happened here. :P
A lot of the newer DDAs use TONS of door propulsion, leaving a muddled pile of black bars all over the finalization of the level. When this one finishes you only see a few in the corner, letting you know all those turrets were always a threat to N.

In fact, I kinda discourage trap door use... unless it's a KRADDA (crawdad).


Definately too cool to have a 4.5/5. Just imagine how hard it is to dodge all those gauss turrets.


that was pretty sweet 4.5


Wrong map... lol, 5/5 fav'ed... ...oh, classy one there.


AGD, 5/5 fav'ed of course.
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If it "could have been better" through door propulsion, then I wasn't going to do that. Doors in the middle of the area would block off some turrets and lose the effect I was going for. Also didn't use edited launch pads... but that's just a lil' bonus.


that was amazing.


that is great... how could it have been better???? awesome
it could have been better though