El Oh El

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Author SquidgY
Tags author:squidgy test unrated
Created 2006-08-28
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description I don't think it deserves too much attention. But I found a fun trick with a glitched door...

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This is cool. :D

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2 years on!

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I try to copy your info, but it don't work, i highlight the whole screen :( Oh, nvm.


If only there was a way to make the NaN trapdoor not kill him on way through...


at first I thought you used edited tiles, but I'm surprised that the door can do all of that...
it was Elle Oh Elle though..
except without the Nan!
or maybe i have and this is just presented in a totally different way... :/ odd little bug
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How many people did this?
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