USS 1 - Thwumps

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Author makron
Tags author:makron playable survival unrated v1.3c
Created 2005-02-17
Last Modified 2005-02-17
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Ultimate Survival Series 1

This is a new survival series I am making with an actual points system. After you make a demo submit it here along with your score if you can calculate it. You will then go into the high scores table over at the forums.

The scoring formula is:

Score = (Time (Max of (Gold x 100)) + (Gold x 50)) / 100

It's a little confusing but if you can't figure it out just submit your demo.

The forum is here:

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1193 + 350 = 1543

I think my previous posting was off. :D Sorry.
Demo Data


Score = 900 + 450 = 1350.
Demo Data


to my goal...
Demo Data

All gold

but not the sufficient time yet.
Demo Data

Even just

a tiny bit better than the last.
Demo Data


All gold AND 2000+ (I could have gone on forever too) :D
Demo Data


Somethings needs to be done with the scoring, I got 4917 B)
Demo Data


I think that's right.

I got 15 gold, and the frame count is over 2000, so that should be 1500+750=2250
Demo Data


A little bit better of a score.
Demo Data


Sorry that it is a little confusing. I have made a few changes to the formula that you can see over at the forum. I'll piost your scores there soon.


That's my best effort.
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My demo. I don't completely understand the scoresystem either..
Demo Data

The Equation

Good in concept, but a little too specific to port well to N's gameplay. Also, the equation has a ceiling; and I don't know why you have divide the total score by 100. Open-endedness would've probably driven more of an incentive to do well; and algebra tells us that dividing or mutliplying the total by any number won't alter the ratio between different players' scores.

The level, however, was pretty fun.


How many points is this? I don't really get what "max of" is, but I understand the rest.
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