Sudden Diversion

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Author makron
Tags action author:makron playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-02-17
by 17 people.
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Description A nice hard cavern style map for NC6. My second submission and my favourite. Enjoy.

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Alright, yeah.

Real demo this time. No frame by frame, and a much faster route.
Demo Data


Umm... This was my first try! I know nobody's gonna believe me though...
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Good cavern.. nice work


It was quite difficult to get much faster, actually. This one's a great run though. :)
Demo Data

I made it!

I used a sneakily faster route. This time can definitely be improved though.
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I've been trying to get past those zap drones before they go over the exit which has been causing a bottleneck so far, but haven't managed it yet. Here's a faster run in the mean time.
Demo Data
By the way, 5/5.
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I had quite a nice run here. Fastest yet.
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And again...

Demo Data


So damned close...
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Foiled again! Excellent map.
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I got a little bit lucky, but I did it. This map is great fun to play on.
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That was an amzing demo. If anyone can go that faster with all gold I'll make them a tribute map. I'm serious. (It'll probably suck though). Wow!


Thanks maximo. I can't wait for you to judge now. LOL. I thought it was pretty good. I'll be back after I watch your demo.
it would be tough to improve I think.. it's a really good map... expect his scores when I judge.
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