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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris rated test v1.3c
Created 2005-02-16
Last Modified 2006-07-30
by 18 people.
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Description Beat this level by *only* using the jump key!

Let's see how quickly you can beat it.

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LOL gw

nice man! fully pimped out n stuff:p done well
took me a while but i finally got it
forgot to read the description so i was doing it with keys..the cheat way then i tryed doing it with no arrow keys "the cheat way"
and i did it lol
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beat it.
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It plays like a DDA. The problem is that it's a DDA where you're likely to die.


I just LOVE jumping levels.
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It's a bit easy

but it's cool. I love levels like this.
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and creative-just the way I like them. I love alternate style levels and the challenge they provide. Really neat!
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i like this map so much i decided to go back to complete it properly, and faster.
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I had this idea once, but couldn't come up with a large enough tileset. This is great. My first time comlpeting it, I did almost every jump perfectly, and then got to the end only to realize I hadn't gotten the exit switch. Oops. This run is pretty sloppy, but I finished for real.
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ok so i was just short of the exit but sweet level though, ive been waiting for another one of these types for ages.
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