Never Ending

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Author StevLov
Tags author:stevlov dda rated
Created 2006-07-10
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description It's like a DDA but... it doesn't end

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They call it

a perpetuum mobile


i havent really used any enemies in my ddas
and also i dont think you can put trap doors in a dda if its supposed to loop

What was the point in logotechs comment?
Much more than I expected! It looked like a noob map at first, but you have potential. Like they say, try and do one with proper enemies etc., you look like a good map maker. 4/5.

You know...

When I first looked at this map I thought it was some noobs DDA, but once I played it, it was a noobs DDA with some skill, for some reason the gold path did look good and i like how you were able to get it to loop! I'm being generous but 4/5!


adding trap doors.
the gold paths really didnt add much to the dda as a whole... but nice use of thwump propulsion

i like it.

i liked the gold paths, and the thwump stuff in the middle & right. nice map

I agree

with Brttrx.

There is definite potential here, its just hidden underneath noobyness.


im just trying to submit all the maps i made like a month ago